Went to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games with the US Sailing Team to create daily video content and continuous news updates while on site in Rio De Janeiro. Given the many restrictions to accessing venues and athletes, the challenge was to creating team-specific media during what is arguably the world's largest and most pressurized sporting event.

The goal of 2014's "RISING TIDE," a five-episode series focusing on the U.S. Sailing Team Sperry's year of Olympic training, was to offer a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes for a dedicated group of Olympic hopefuls and their coaches. By some standards 2014 was insignificant in the Olympic qualifying process - it is only the second of a four-year cycle that has no official bearing on who actually wins the bid to represent the United States at the Olympic Games. But the early years are significant because they form the foundation for any attempt, and I wanted to focus on the sailors and their routines rather than their regattas and results, to highlight the extraordinary sacrifice of the Olympic hopefuls who either still in high school, fresh out of college, or 20-year-veterans of the chase, work tirelessly to sail for their country in the pursuit of a gold medal.